Preparing for my 3D Photo Scan

The Appointment

Please come at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time so you will have time to prepare and get prettied up. Although each scan only takes a split second, please allow 30 minutes so we can guide you through the process and make sure you are satisfied with the result.

In General

3-Dimensional image capture and printing are still new and rapidly developing technologies. Even though we use the latest photographic techniques and software, it is still not possible to capture and print everything. Due to the small size of the printed figurines, some details may be lost and have to be reproduced with artistic suggestion. For instance, a pointed finger reduced to 1/12 scale would be so thin it would likely break in the 3D print.

About Hair and Fine Objects

Hair is very fine and cannot yet be captured precisely for 3D models. 3D printing is also limited in its ability to reproduce fine features like hair. We manually touch up each replica to give the hair an artistic appearance that is faithful to the original. For the best outcome, choose a hairstyle that can be well represented as a solid. Like hair, fine or thin items like certain dangly jewelry or feathers may not capture or print well.

Transparent or Shiny Items (Skin)

Currently, full color 3D printers cannot print transparent materials, so we cannot reproduce eyeglasses (Both transparent and often with very fine rims). The transparency of a wedding veil does not print well. Certain shiny, reflective jewelry items can also cause trouble. We may be able to add these items to your replica as simple artistically suggestive features, like glasses frames, back onto the model for printing, for an additional fee ($50).

Consider wearing a matte base makeup for your studio session to reduce glare off your skin. This will improve the results. But don’t be overly concerned, we have studio makeup we can use if the photographer thinks there will be a problem.

Dark and Bright Subjects

Because we use ordinary light, extremely dark (straight black) or very bright subjects (pure white) cannot always be captured accurately. No matter what you wear, we will try our best to provide a faithful capture. Reflective surfaces like large areas of shiny metal or plastic may not capture well. Please remember that fine features like lace or feathers as well as fine dangly earrings will not print well.


Small items like hats (without large thin brims), handbags, small simple stuffed animals or small backpacks are welcome. We can include larger items in your scan (like golf bags) buy these may require additional charges. Some items are not possible to reproduce in a print, like the strings in a tennis racket or the shaft of a golf club. Other items, like a baseball bat or hockey stick may require particular placement in a pose to insure their print survival.

Young Children and Pets

We need the subject to be capable of holding reasonably still for a few moments while we prepare for the instant camera shot. Results are best when a subject is alone on the platform. Infants or energetic pets can present a challenge. Please keep these things in mind when planning your session. You may want to bring some treats or play items that will help them stay in place. We have had some good results with babies and small pets cradled in arms.

More details are available in the FAQ.