Frequently Asked Questions

A – Our carefully calibrated array of cameras “capture” a cylinder shaped area one meter across by two meters high (a little more than three feet across by a little over 6 feet high). Almost any pose you want to strike inside that virtual space is alright – be creative and have fun! We will take several shots and you can choose the one you like the best. Try to think in 3-D – what would make this interesting on a coffee table looked at from all sides rather than just on a shelf. Please keep in mind that details like fine strands of hair or spread fingers may not print well or might break off the print too easily. For a few more guidelines about attire and accessories be sure to read Preparing For My 3-D Photo Scan.

One decision you will make is whether you are getting a basic “Portrait” done or wanting a “Choice” model. Here is the difference: A “Portrait” requires a single subject in a simple pose (hands and arms against the body) with simple clothes and will only be printed in smaller sizes, up to 1/12th scale. With “Choice” you can have more than one person in the shot and they can be in more elaborate poses and costumes and can be printed up to 1/5th scale – also pets. The difference is the amount of time a human modeler has to spend to make it look just right after the computer is done.

A – Think of the photo-realistic, full color statue as a work of porcelain art you want to treat carefully. Your figurine has been treated with a special coating to protect it and keep it healthy for a long time. However, thin parts like ears or fingers can be broken off if they fall. The surface or coloring can be harmed by water, high humidity, direct sunlight or heat over 140 F.
A – The replicas are printed with the world’s most sophisticated multi-color 3D printing technology. They are made of a high performance coated composite of gypsum powder, coloring and a glue-like binder material. They have a very nice sandstone-like texture with a slightly rough feel.
A – There is nothing weird happening – We are basically taking many standard photographs of you at the same instant from a 360 degree array of cameras. The photographic flash may be the only startling thing.
A – The printed replicas are normally ready for pickup or shipping to you within a month after your photo proof selection.
A – Certainly. We plan to keep your images archived and secure for the foreseeable future. Printing and display technology will undoubtedly continue to improve – you may be interested in your 3D image again in the future for some as yet unimagined reason.
A – Absolutely. There are many varieties of plastic, ceramics, and even metals. 3D Printing capabilities are growing rapidly as the technology evolves. Many of the materials we print in are priced on a volume basis, rather than the set prices we have for full-color options. Feel free to shoot us an email or call with additional questions.
A – We have found that most people vastly prefer the scaled approach if there’s a chance of having more than one person or subject printed. If we were to print all replicas at – say – 6 inches, a family would look pretty awkward placed together. The scale allows for a far more realistic result when multiple subjects are involved. If you absolutely hate this idea, we can talk about it before your session and adjustments may be made.
We totally agree; and if that is all this would be for you, you may decide to wait. Our goal is to be able to increase our quality and lower prices as we progress. The world of 3D printing is changing rapidly, and we are going to be there as the changes take place, ready to pass the potential savings along to our customers. For many, though, the cost of waiting is far higher than the current price. We want to help as many people as possible to capture those important moments in life. Your wedding will only come once. Your child will only be a baby for so long. Your parents and grandparents won’t be around forever. Your favorite pet may be gone sooner than you would hope. We want to preserve those memories for you in a fantastic new fashion.

One thing that we want to be able to guarantee all of our customers is that we will save your digital files for the foreseeable future. 3D Printing technology is improving – capabilities will be far greater in the future. We will be able to reprint those valued models in increasingly vibrant and detailed fashion as things change. The opportunity to scan what exists today may not always be there though.

One more thought about the cost: Many people spend this or more on traditional 2-D photography portraits. The alternative is commissioning an artist to create a sculpture – much more expensive. Some people collect expensive figurines – collecting loved ones is better!