PhotoSculpt is a retail image studio
specializing in photorealistic 3D keepsakes.

Capture the important people, pets, and moments in your life like never before
with state-of-the-art 3D printed sculptures

Boy with brother sister replica

Bride and Groom Replica

Golden Retriever Replica



A full color 3D Printed replica of a single subject starts at $249.

See Pricing Details Here

Contact us for pricing on multiple subjects and figures up to 15 inches tall.


Our friendly, professionally-trained experts will make the process enjoyable and easy for you and your loved ones.
1. Schedule an appointment.
2. Come in and have your portrait taken by 120+ cameras simultaneously.
3. Review and select your photo in-studio.
4. Choose your PhotoSculpt package.
5. Receive your replica in the mail in around 4 weeks.