PhotoSculpt is a retail image studio
specializing in photorealistic 3D keepsakes.

Capture the important people, pets, and moments in your life like never before
with state-of-the-art 3D printed sculptures

Boy with brother sister replica

Bride and Groom Replica

Golden Retriever Replica



A full color 3D Printed replica of a single subject starts at $249.

See Pricing Details Here

Contact us for pricing on multiple subjects and figures up to 15 inches tall.


Our friendly, professionally-trained experts will make the process enjoyable and easy for you and your loved ones.
1. Schedule an appointment.
2. Come in and have your portrait taken by 80 cameras simultaneously.
3. Review and select your photo in-studio.
4. Choose your PhotoSculpt package.
5. Receive your replica in the mail in around 3 weeks.